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31 Aug

Anyone remember pringles? My best friend Esme says you can still get these but she lies a lot, like she said she saw a cloud that looked like a horse.

this is a picture of pringles

i know weird right?

They were crisps but they came in a tube! I know what your all saying “But crisps come in a bag” yeah I know but I guess once they were in tubes. Also they had this guys face on them which was wierd.


The SNES SuperNES or S.Nes

30 Aug

Anyone remembers the SNES? This was like the first console ever, and it was cool cuz it came out before computers or anything. They were really big too:

Picture of a SNES

(pretty much too scale)

Wow drawing that made me remember how gray the snes was. Maybe that’s why they’re not around anymore. Also the game discs were big square boxes which was cool cuz they were 3D when now games are always flat and round.


29 Aug

Ooo my first post yay! Let’s get started…

Anyone remember pokemons? These guys were like little monsters you could keep in your pocket and actually fight against each other! I couldn’t find an pictures so I drew this from memory:

This is a picture of a pokemons

(They looked pretty much like this.)

Pokemons were cool cuz you got to fight stuff. You used to find them in bushes sometimes but I haven’t seen one in ages. I askd my mom for one and she got me a stupid dog and she wouldn’t let me fight it. Moms can be so lame.